Small Business Accounting Services

360 Tax Solutions has a variety of small business accounting services available for small business owners to help reduce costs and increase peace-of-mind. Many of our options include a fixed annual fee that covers all of your business needs. We’re also the only local company that is willing to provide free representation for IRS audits.

Sure, you can buy insurance for this from a national company, but wouldn’t you rather have the person preparing your taxes by your side? This service is available to anyone who opts for one of our inclusive tax preparation packages.

Consider 360 Tax Solutions for Accounting Needs

  • Small business income tax returns that minimize taxes owed and maximize deductions
  • Turnkey payroll support with some of the most affordable rates in the area
  • Free representation on IRS audits at most of our tax return service levels
  • Consulting services for income tax, accounting, personal property strategies and more
  • Payroll services
  • Bookkeeping
  • LLC formation support
  • Debt resolution expertise
  • Guaranteed 100% accurate returns
  • The fastest possible refund checks with no additional fees for speed
  • Quick, easy and smart responses to your financial concerns
  • Simple layman’s language so you can understand answers to your questions

Advantages of Hiring 360 Tax Solutions

If you want to make your life easy and secure, without facing financial business risk, please consider our accounting services. We can assist with everything from loan applications, basic and advanced reporting; auditing; and even business plans.

Easily updated with expertise

State law and tax codes have changed so much and continue to change that even experienced business owners could easily make a mistake that could be costly to a business. The expert team at 360 Tax Solutions easily updates every detail of state laws. Therefore, if we are handling your business’ finances, you won’t have to worry about trying to keep up with the changing laws and tax codes.

Provide accuracy guaranteed

Calculation errors and transposing numbers in your financial reports may not be discovered until the damage is done. While considering this fact, we provide quality check service, which saves you from big crises, so that business owners have peace of mind, which is priceless!

Comprehensive report system

Your business’s reputation depends on the quality of your products and services and your financial reports. The accountant that you choose can help you demonstrate how perfectly you run your business. Hiring our service means that your finances will be in order. You will receive the information that you need. We prepare reports whenever you need them so that you can make informed business decisions.

Time-saving activity

Managing finance and balancing books can be time-consuming. When you consider our services, you will save your valuable time. Most business owners, whether their company or organization is large or small, want to save money! Hiring an accounting service allows businesses to save money by ensuring that financial records and taxes are done correctly!

Why Choose Our Service?

  1. We know how to manage accounts.
  2. We check every detail of the accounts.
  3. We complete your time-consuming tasks (generating and printing reports, handling payroll, etc.).
  4. We can demonstrate your revenue.
  5. We can save you extra income.
  6. We provide realistic results.

Give us a call at our Roanoke office at (540) 562-0123 or in Lynchburg at (434) 322-3229 for a free consultation with Michael Shelton.