Roanoke Tax Preparation for Individuals and Families

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The team at 360 Tax Solutions is ready to help individuals and family deal with everything from tax preparation to retirement or estate planning. Call us for a consultation.

Tax Preparationtax preparation roanoke

Not all tax professionals are created equal. When it comes to deciding who’s going to prepare the paperwork that may be scrutinized by the IRS and state tax collectors for many years to come, it makes sense to be choosy.

With today’s audits increasingly shouldered by low- to mid-income earners, DIY and Drive-Through tax preparer solutions are unwise. Those pennies you thought you were saving can turn into big bucks if returns are done wrong.  

We’ll help you determine the best strategies for paying the least amount of taxes possible while ensuring your returns are completed correctly. Our rates are affordable, fair and often recovered in the taxes and audit headaches we save you. In addition to standard annual returns, we’re also happy to help you with prior year catch up and amended tax return filing.  

tax planning roanokeTax Planning

Most individuals or families in this country are giving away more money to Uncle Sam than necessary. If you’re not planning ahead for tax savings, chances are it’s costing you. This can be of particular concern with closely held businesses. There are a vast number of issues with such entities that few consider.

Schedule an hour consult to help you get smarter about minimizing the tax consequences of the decision you make. In most cases, we can suggest strategies that not only pay for the session, but also help save you considerably more for years to come.

estate planning roanokeEstate Planning

It’s too late to begin considering the tax consequences of decisions after an estate passes hands. We’ll help you prepare wisely to leave an inheritance to heirs, create will and trust relationship strategies and explore tax-free or tax reduction strategies. If you’re not considering inheritance and windfall tax issues now, it’s likely a good chunk of that money you thought a designee would receive will go to the tax man.

retirement planning roanokeRetirement Income Planning

It can be challenging to know what’s the wisest strategy as you consider consequences related to shifting from a full-time worker to your retirement years. We’ll help you develop smart multiple income stream strategies while also considering Social Security opportunities. For many, tax-free income is also an option when you access the expert advice of our team.

irs letter help roanokeIRS Letter Resolution

No one smiles when they get THAT letter stating tax returns are being reviewed or disputed. Our experts can help you rest easier knowing we’ll take care of it. Our deep knowledge and specialized resolution tactics focus allow us to end investigations more quickly and negotiate settlements for less. We are Nationally Accredited as IRS representatives for audits and other tax inquiry issues.